After an extensive study, taking into account the different opinions of expert and beginner menstrual cup users,
we have managed to create a list of the Mimacup’s most important features:

  • Mimacup is the perfect hardness to suit both sensitive and sporty users…
  • It has a soft base with a harder section around the edge, which means it is easy to handle. It adapts perfectly, without causing discomfort.
  • The smooth base makes it easy to insert, and the slightly rough edges mean that it adheres easily to the vaginal walls.
  • The stem is small so as not to cause any discomfort. It has anti-slip lines along the surface for better comfort.
  • There are also lines so you can measure your flow.
  • Small holes to empty the cup, perfect for cleaning it.
  • Perfect finish.
  • Strong enough to stay in the right position.
  • The cup is recommended by gynaecologists.
  • It is safe to use- as well as coming in a small bag, the Mimacup comes in pre-sealed plastic packaging so you can be sure the cup has never been handled by anyone else.