Using a Mimacup menstrual cup has many benefits for your daily life in comparison to traditional methods, both for your body and for the environment.

Better for your health

Mimacup, which is made of high-quality 100% hypo-allergenic medical silicone, respects your vaginal flora without any risk of toxic shock syndrome, unlike sanitary towels and tampons. Mimacup is a menstrual cup free of latex, BPA, plasticizers, chemical additives, perfume and bleach. The different colours are made with food colouring, which means they are completely safe for your body.

Environmentally friendly

The Mimacup menstrual cup is the ideal replacement for non-reusable methods like sanitary towels and tampons.

With Mimacup you will not create waste, as it can be used for up to 10 years. The cup does not contribute to logging, which means production causes less pollution.


A Mimacup menstrual cup is the ideal alternative, as it will save you money on sanitary towels and tampons every month. 1 cup a year is the equivalent of 200 tampons.

Supports charity

We make Mimacup a solidarity cup supporting different associations. Find out more details and information on our Blog.