Mimacup is the ideal alternative to cotton sanitary towels and tampons, as it is more environmentally friendly, comfortable, affordable and better for your health.
We have made a comparative table so you can see all the benefits!

tamp comp copa
Reusable tick_rojo tick_rojo 13_icono (1)
No waste tick_rojo tick_rojo 13_icono (1)
Budget tick_rojo tick_rojo 13_icono (1)
Is not noticeable Checkmark-48 tick_rojo logo
Takes up minimal space tick_rojo tick_rojo logo
Can be used all night tick_rojo tick_verde 13_icono (1)
Can be used during exercise tick_verde tick_rojo logo
Hypo-allergenic tick_rojo tick_verde 13_icono (1)
Does not cause bad smells tick_verde tick_rojo logo
Up to 12 hours of protection tick_rojo tick_rojo logo
Respects your vaginal flora tick_rojo tick_verde 13_icono (1)
Does not leave fibres tick_rojo tick_verde 13_icono (1)
Is not associated with infections (thrush, cystitis, etc.) tick_rojo tick_rojo logo
Does not cause dryness or irritation tick_rojo Checkmark-48 logo
Can last up to 10 years tick_rojo tick_rojo logo
Does not contribute to logging tick_rojo tick_rojo logo